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Apr 2nd 2013
Cooperation between PC-Aero GmbH and EADCO GmbH

EADCO is pleased to announce the Agreement of Cooperation signed on 2nd of April 2013 between PC-Aero GmbH and EADCO GmbH.

The project “e-Taxi” named ELEKTRO E6 was successful launched & presented at the “Aero 2013 in Friedrichshafen” during a press conference with PC-Aero (Calin Gologan) & EADCO (Rosario De Luca) on 24th of April 2013.

The ELEKTRO E6 is the technology platform for a future, all electric, transport aircraft. Low CO2 emission, noise and vibration.

Goals: Build a Proof of Concept in 3 years & Certification CS23 in 10 years.

  •       Full Carbon Composite structure
  •       Two Electric Engines
  •       Solar Cells Technology
  •       6 seats
  •       480 kg pay load
  •       500 km range (in 6 years)

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